Welcome to Red Rock Dental

Meet Drs. Gibb & Kay

Both Dr. Gibb and Dr. Kay are driven by their love for interacting with and caring for their patients. When it comes to creating a fun, friendly, and professional atmosphere, our doctors are the best around. Dr. Gibb enjoys the challenge of creating treatment plans for his complicated cases and building positive relationship with his patients. Dr. Kay loves working with his hands and accomplishing difficult procedures successfully, and the best part of practicing is that he gets to meet and interact with many different kinds of people every day.

Drs. Gibb and Kay received their Bachelor of Medical Science and DDS degrees from the University of Alberta. They are actively involved in the Medicine Hat community, offering their time and experience in a variety of ways. Dr. Gibb has a working relationship with Medicine Hat’s very own Canadian Humanitarian, and Dr. Kay volunteers his time at the local high school by helping coach the wrestling team.

Our doctors value living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Spending time with family, eating well, and enjoying the outdoors are some of the things that give Drs. Gibb and Kay joy outside of the office. They bring this well-rounded approach into their practice by prioritizing relationships and teaching their patients how to care for their own oral hygiene in a consistent, holistic way.

The Red Rock Environment

We have a fantastic team of friendly, dedicated staff that work well together and consistently put patients first. Our front desk staff, hygienists, and RDAs are some of the best in the industry, and they do everything they can to ensure a great patient experience. 

For all of us at Red Rock Dental, building trust and relationships with patients is among our top priorities. We believe that a friendly, welcoming environment is imperative for the health and wellbeing of our patients. We work hard to make sure every aspect of your experience in our office is positive. You’re invited to sit back, relax, and receive the highest quality of care around!

Our Services

At Red Rock Dental, we do it all. Whether you’re in need of orthodontic care, dental implants, or you just want a routine cleaning, Drs. Gibb and Kay are experts in the field and are here to give you what you need. They’ve spent years refining their skills in order to keep their patients’ smiles strong and healthy. 

Call Today!

When it comes to keeping your smile in top shape, consistency is key. With the right oral hygiene habits and regular routine check-ups and cleanings, your teeth with shine. Schedule a visit today and start investing in your smile! 

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